The Number Nein...
What can we say about The Number Nein? What is The Number Nein? Who are these people? How did they get here? What do they do when not Neining? When will they leave?

Collected across years of travel to various, countries, states and states of mind, The Number Nein are friends and musicians who stretch the canvas of the music I have been hearing in my head. 
Some of these guys and gals have been playing with me across the globe, some simply on one project which they helped define via their contribution. Through luck and looking I have been granted the chance to share stages and music with these wonderful people.

I will bring you details of them all bit by bit so you can get to know the Neiners and their work both with and without me. 
Jamie - August 2017

For now, here's a song from the eponymous album Jamie Mc Donald and The Number Nein.
One Fine day.
Adding their magic on this particular song were Neiners from the U.S. and Bulgaria as well as myself from Ireland (in case you didn't know)

Bobby Mc Bride - electric guitar (recorded in Aarhus, Denmark..ooh fancy)
Ivan Gatev - bass guitar and backing vocals (recorded live with drums and rhythm guitar in Sofia's oldest recording studio on Pirotska)
Georgi Malchev - drums and electric guitar 
Jamie Mc Donald - me again! Acoustic rhythm guitar and vocals

As of today, June 2018, The Number Nein's live members are :
Chris Childress, hailing from Teas and playing the mean lean Honkystick a.k.a saxophone
Ivan Alexiev from Bulgaria via Chicago, who has been with me through countless gigs and countries adding the low end from on-high (he be tall) with electric bass and double bass too
and our latest recruit to the drum seat Señor Ilko Birov. Ilko not only provides a foil for Ivan's bass playing but also plays his own original music . Check it out here