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The Making Of Maladies Of Country And Soul - Part 1 ( the idea )

posted 19 Aug 2017, 05:30 by Jamie Mc Donald   [ updated 26 Aug 2017, 11:06 ]
    Maladies Of Country And Soul, hell of a title, don't ya think? What spawned that monstrosity of imagination, I hear you ask. (I hear lots of your collective questions in my head). Well, I had the song They Know Not What They've Done for quite some time. In fact I was definitely playing a version almost identical to the album version in 2014. Look at the video! I knew this song had more to it. I really liked the mixture of personal and political it contained and wondered could I do more in a similar vein. With that in mind, I began exploring different characters and themes to combine with the ones in this song. Another part of the process also entailed looking for songs I had not recorded in a studio setting and wanted to add into the mix.

YouTube Video

All this was percolating away in my mind for some time and it was only when we got to Ireland in September 2016 that it all came together. Having never made a studio album in Ireland I knew it was now or never. Neatly enough that fed into the title. There was something about the country and the current political climate that got me thinking. Being an admirer of classic artists like Johnny Cash and Ray Charles I loved the idea of a grand sweeping title such as Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music. When Maladies Of Country And Soul came to me, I just knew I was headed the right way. Not only did it encapsulate the troubling political era we are living in but it also neatly summed up the musical direction. 
As you all well know, we are usually purveyors of Folk-Funk-Soul, however, I felt that country and soul were two really honest branches of the musical tree on which to hang my coat(s). Coupled with that, the title also highlights the maladies being both political and personal. Not too shabby, though I. And so it came to pass. 
Maladies Of Country And Soul, had a title, one song and whole lot of space to fill.
Tune in soon for Part 2.

Jamie -26/08/2017